Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Taking The Ferry To Cijin Island

The quickest way to get to Cijin Island from mainland Kaohsiung is by ferry, a fun commuting experience.

Ferry terminal in Kaohsiung, tucked right into an old neighborhood.

Who's on board? The bottom deck is packed with scooters, a testament to the ferry's purpose as a regular commuter vehicle. Pulling away from the dock, blue water all around.

As one approaches Cijin Island, a nice row of port-side painted tanks come into view.

Views from the water, ferry and Cijin Island ferry terminal.

Enough sightseeing, rev the scooter and head out, time to reload for the return journey.

Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Sidewalk Oasis In Kaohsiung

A block long section of the concrete jungle has turned green in Kaohsiung. Clearly a lovely test project for urban gardens, the sidewalk nature trail is a nice contrast to the surrounding marina neighborhood area of the city.

A tunnel of green love.

It ain't no row of potted plants and calling it a day. The green space looks like a mini botanical garden, complete with a babbling brook and waterfall.

Squint and you've been transported to the jungle.

Look another way and a city parking lot is just beyond the sidewalk. Better to enjoy the gingers.

Heading out, the city and a big Chinatown gate start to come back into view. Thanks for the natural cleanse!