Thursday 18 April 2024

Back To The Jim Thompson House In Bangkok

Spend any time in Bangkok wandering around and you will end up at Jim Thompson's house. He's famous for saving and developing the traditional silk fabric industry in Thailand after WWII. 

Thompson's complex is lovely, traditional teak wood houses, all finished in red, examples of luxurious silks and a story that ends in a mysterious missing/death in Malaysia. Fun for the whole family. 

James and Sarah first saw the place awhile ago. Back in Bangkok, back for another look.

Still lovely, still in great shape.

Big red umbrellas, keeping visitors from getting wet in the tropical weather. Ho hum, where can we grab a coffee and snack? Line up.

They've expanded the place to now include a small museum. Jim Thompson is The World.

You get some bio info and lots of displays of the fancy fabrics that Jim Thompson has sold throughout the decades.

The museum is great for bringing the possibilities of silk to life. Sold!

Tuesday 16 April 2024

Digging The Rock And Mineral Museum In Bangkok

Sometimes gazing at paintings is soo boring. Give us some hard stuff.

Fun front entrance, complete with snarling dinosaur greeter. Ok, we'll get our tickets. It was actually free. Still, that toothy thing was chippy.

Oooh, shelves of the good stuff. Exhibit of a dino dig, looking a little like papier-mâché.

Diorama of a mining site, highlighting a little bridge and rock conveyor. Gotta have all the details.

Another diorama, James' camera losing all interest in mining and now grooving on the nice background flora work. Ok, back to rocking. A diorama of a mine entrance.

Funky, waterless aquarium display. Perhaps a disco coral reef?