Sunday, 24 December 2017

Krismas In Kuala Lumpur

Where do you go if you're looking for snow, Santa, or a winter wonderland in Malaysia? Not outside. In Kuala Lumpur, the best place to look for the biggest Christmas displays the mall.

Oh boy.

Whole winter worlds have transformed mall atriums. Make sure your mall is identified. A giant bear, collapsed behind ropes, taking a break from hours of posing with kids. It's so hard to be an inanimate object!

More attractions; more ropes.

There's upcycling: seltzer bottle tree. And the posing station next to the seltzer bottle tree. You become the product placement.

Oh boy. Telecom display with electronic billboard in the background. No control over the rolling juxtaposition.

Back inside: happy selfie time!! Don't miss the trash can. Ignorance to holiday displays. Have smartphone, will zone out.

Not all Christmas decorations are reserved for malls. In our lobby, a little tree. Don't forget to recycle!


  1. Merry Crimble, y’all!
    Be safe.

  2. Oh my, what jolly exuberance of our old friend (in) Sanity Klaus in the malls of Malaysia!
    Kaip malonu gauti jusu sveikinima, Betsy ir as linkime Naujuju Metu laimes ir didelio pasisekimo,

  3. we have a 12" purple tinsel tree from Target in Maui. It would fit right in. Don't tell the parents. Happy days. and much love from us all. xxx

  4. Oh my! Well, happy new year to you both! - Althea

  5. Thanks for your email James. It was really nice of you to drop me a line.
    I hope that you have settled well and there are a lot of inspirations for you in the new area :)

    Merry Christmas!
    All the best,

  6. love it! oh boy ....

    kyiv confirmed :-)

  7. Looks like fun times! Happy holidays to you both as well!!
    -Jean and Ed

  8. Quite a display... Could rival anything here in the U.S. Very much looking forward to seeing you SOON! Love and xo

  9. Glad to see you're still exploring the world. Happy 2018 to you and Sarah!

  10. Looks fun! It's great to hear from you :-) Let 2018 bring you both exciting discoveries, true joy and much happiness! Warm regards from Vilnius!

  11. Such a fascinating life you're having. Be well and keep having adventures.....
    Jon Z.