Friday, 9 March 2018

Market Mayhem At Medan Niaga Satok In Kuching

Definitely a major market, not so sure about the mayhem. Kuching's main place to buy fruit, veg, meat, fish, baked goods and other related edibles is in an airplane hangar-like space a little outside of downtown. There are rows and rows and rows of vendors in standardized stalls that have been customized.  Modern city planning meets traditional zeal. Products were plentiful, customers a little scarce.

Heading in.

The seafood, the veg. Nice touch with the green wallpaper-like wrapping.

A Kuching dessert specialty, "kek lapis Sarawak," a multi-layered cake. Each layer is flavored and baked separately, then combined. The more layers, the more time it takes to produce the cake.

Fitting fish wrap, Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump. Squid, in your face.

Punk rock ayam (chicken).

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