Monday, 10 December 2012

Channeling The Cheonggyecheon

In the north part of the business district of Seoul runs the Cheonggyecheon stream. The waterway has had a tough life, first as a vehicle for waste, then host to a shantytown built on top of it and finally, an elevated expressway.

Back in 2003, against quite a bit of opposition, the mayor of Seoul decided it was time to bring the stream back. Down went the expressway and concrete cap and miraculously the river was reborn.

The Cheonggyecheon sits below street level, retains a natural habitat style and has room for strollers on both sides of its banks. A real urban oasis.

A look at the plentitude of flora.

There are a variety of crossing opportunities throughout the run of the stream and beautiful natural details. It's a nice break from the concrete jungle to a real jungle.

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  1. Man, that means there's really hope for the Los Angeles River. That is SO cool.