Thursday, 27 December 2012

Kimchi Is Korea

The national dish of Korea is Kimchi and it's not just some sort of obscure, historical relic. Go into any restaurant, order your meal and before it comes, you get a nice selection of the pickled delights. For some people, it's an acquired taste. For Korea, it's museum-worthy.

Presenting the Kimchi Museum. Who cares if it's on the car park level of a giant shopping mall? It's a museum devoted to Kimchi!

Typical kimchi dishes. Any vegetable that can be grown and pickled in Korea is fair game. Add the unique blends families develop and the kimchi world is endless.

Just like the Japanese, there's no better way to tell the kimchi story than with miniatures. First, let's chop the veggies.
Then it's time for pickling. And a bunch of socializing. Then it's onto packing the jars that get buried in the ground for aging and storage.

Packing a jar before burying. Let the digging begin!

Kimchi is truly an amazing dish in Korea and a great example of edible heritage. Kimchi's varieties depend on the season, location and what vegetables and seasonings are available. The food is married to the local culture and rewards the country in nutrition and health.

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