Sunday, 5 August 2012

Rajiv Gandhi Memorial

On the way to Kanchipuram is the tragic spot where India's Ex-Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi, was assassinated in 1991. You can read about the event here. There's a beautiful memorial there now, a pristine park with well-manicured areas of grass, a central pillar design and a fantastic stone mural.

The main part of the memorial park, seven pillars representing human values.

The place is one of the cleanest, most spacious areas we've seen in India. At the center of the pillars is the exact spot of the assassination, marked by a nice mural.

Off to one side is a large wall covered by an exquisitely-carved mural. A few gentlemen enjoying the view.

The mural takes stylistic cues from Mamallapuram carvings and Diego Rivera murals. Elephants and industry.

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