Thursday, 25 October 2012

Oh No, It's Okonomiyaki Time!

We took a quick trip to Hiroshima and arrived in time to try a lunch item the city is famous for: okonomiyaki. It's a little difficult to explain exactly what this pancake on steroids is, but try to imagine cleaning out your refrigerator onto a grill. It's an omelet, noodles, meats or seafood, green onions, cabbage, maybe cheese. Grind up some yams. Season with a Worcestershire type of sauce, sprinkle with seaweed flakes. Grill that baby, chop in half and serve at a counter.

Lunch counters that specialize in okonomiyaki are all over the city, including one building that houses a dozen or so stacked up next to each other. The professionals getting down to business.

A typical stall, before the midday rush. The fleet must be in. Oops, just another school group.

The boys aren't so well behaved, but at least are for peace. The matron proprietor, trying to enforce the suggested peace.
What all the fuss is about. And worth it: a satisfying, belly-stuffing lunch.

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