Friday, 5 October 2012

Traditional Dress In Japan

Kyoto is an old temple town and one way the Japanese government tries to promote the feel of old Japan is to have some of its fine (and willing) citizens dress in old style clothing. Kimonos, obis, yukatas, wood slippers, all in stark contrast to western wear and armies of uniformed school kids. There's some sort of payment involved to wear ancient-styled duds, but somehow it doesn't look like Paul Revere wandering around the North End of Boston.

A look at some lovely women, all dressed up as if they popped out of a time machine.

They attract a crowd, whether at a purifying water area or a picture-snapping opportunity.

Where to get the cool outfits? And how do you make them look hip? Shops are savvy, mixing Vogue/GQ types of poses with the retro fashions - a funny mash-up.

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