Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Film Fantasy, Reel Reality

HTemp:  35c
Rain:       2.0cm
`-$:         45.16

Everyone knows how popular movies are in India.  Bollywood is a term recognized the world over.  In a country with so many people, so much poverty, crowding, dirt and bustle, a couple (more like 3-4) of hours watching a movie is a chance to be transported to a better place.

It still takes down and dirty promotion to get folks to see your movie.  And that's where the fantasy of the movies meets the reality of the streets.

The movie posters typically tout as much fantasy and action as possible.  Big movies open the same time here as in the US -- less DVD pirate time.  You get Apes, we get Apes.

A woman busy sweeping (as usual), making our hero angry.  Sometimes, the color correct and the registration of different sections of the posters falls short.  Inadvertent zombie film?

They'll wrap any vertical surface.  In this case, an electrical box.  Is the trash bin nearby commentary?  A man at a bus stop, ignoring escapism.

Finally, if you've been following the rupee to dollar comparison that runs at the top of this blog you'll notice it's jumped up a bit the last couple of days.  You can thank the stock market crash and the rush to US Treasuries for the change.  Who says we aren't topical?  (Or depressed)

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