Thursday, 11 August 2011

Tintin? No, Tiffin

HTemp:  35c
Rain:       0.0cm
`-$:         45.36

Here's Tintin, the Belgian cartoon adventurer, soon to explode on the big screen this December by up-and-coming director Steven Spielberg:

By the way, the boy is Tintin, the dog is Snowy.  Nothing burns Tintin's arse more than being constantly mistaken for an albino fox terrier.

Ok, so what's Tiffin then?  Tiffin is the working (wo)man's packed lunch or a light lunch.  The most interesting thing about tiffin is how the meal comes or is served:  in reusable stainless steel containers.  Forget mountains of plastic bags, carryout trash, etc.  Here in India, it's full metal lunchbox.

You'll occasionally find shops/eateries that'll serve a tiffin style meal.  The modern tin pan alley.

More than likely, the tiffin meal is packed at home and eaten at work, stealing time and space where one can find them.

The tiffin containers can stack and stand up to the rigors of being thrown about, packed and bounced around. Just another little instance where India is green by default and ahead of the western world.

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