Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Flying The Asian Skies

HTemp:  36c
Rain:       5.8cm
`-$:         45.29

We took a cheap-o Kuala Lumpur-based airline, called Air Asia, to KL.  It's similar to Spirit Airlines back in the US. You get to pay for everything:  ticket, seat, baggage, meal, drink, oxygen.  The experience?  Decent.  The plane worked and the airline had a little style to its business mantra, making the nickel and dime (ringgit and sen?) treatment palatable.

Similar to Southwest, which has themed planes like this one for its Maryland hub, Air Asia has specially painted planes.  Who's Bo?  Who knows?  But they say he rocks.  We think it's a giant "thank you" to a big honcho, who works for the airline.  Forget the gold Rolex, you get a plane devoted to you.

Umbrellas are standing by for the frequent monsoon downpours.  Fitting a low-cost airline, Air Asia is stuck at a no-cost terminal that requires the basic tarmac embarkation.  The enticing pre-book menu.  100 ml of water, I can take a bath! (if I were an ant)

And then the doubly enticing pictures.  Mmm, number 9 never looked so fine.  Then C ration reality hits.  Did you really expect to see QE2 worthy presentation?  It tasted great (OK) and was more filling (hit the spot).

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