Monday, 22 April 2013

Into The Mist At Varanasi

You have to work for your good light and memorable experience. Up at 5 am, head down to the ghats in Varanasi, and hire a boat to get you out on the Ganges, so you can experience the misty morning and beautiful sunrise.

Don't worry about being alone on the river, it's India. People are bathing at all hours. The early Hindu gets the blessing?

Setting a lighted pooja and a family bathing in the heavy mist.

The light is just starting to emerge, but the crowds have already gathered.

Our captain. One ghat you can guarantee isn't sleeping: the funeral ghat. The smoke is from the several active pyres.

The city, coming through as the mist starts to dissipate.

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  1. Awesome! You two are my idols. What a wonderful adventure you are on!!! Stay safe.