Monday, 16 September 2019

A Look At Hội An, Part One

Hội An is a nice little town, about midway along Vietnam's long coastline. What makes it special is its old trading port area, still largely intact and reflecting architecture from the 15th to 19th centuries. A sort of Southeast Asia version of Key West, New Orleans' French Quarter, etc...

The heart of the city is along the Thu Bon River.

Iconic landmark, the Japanese covered bridge. Typical street, Vietnamese flag flying.

The architecture, a nice mix of Vietnamese and French Colonial with heavy doses of patina, courtesy of the tropical heat and rains.

Traditional tea in an old courtyard. The place has been discovered, especially by Asian tourists, eager to pose in traditional dress. Snap.

The fantastic Buddhist Pháp Bảo Temple.

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  1. These are wonderful, James! Top one I'd like to use for Local Lens, but I guess we have to wait a little while since we just ran one of yours... Maybe submit for whenever?
    Hello to Sarah! Shawn