Monday, 23 September 2019

Independence, Reunification Palace In Saigon

Both significant in history and architecture, the Reunification Palace in the center of Saigon offers a great lesson in design and human conflict. Enjoy the style of the building, digest the bloody conflict that ended at its front gate.

The first marvel is the swanky, 1960s International Style of the building. Early in the Vietnam War, an old French palace that stood on the land was bombed and the decision was made to replace rather than rebuild. Noted local architect Ngô Viết Thụ was hired to design the palace, completed in 1966.

Grand view when approaching the Palace.

The exterior is lined with bone-like stone louvers, looking a little like Gaudi got hold of the plans and did a little embellishing. The louvers serve a purpose, shielding a bit of the hot, tropical sun.

Second floor hallway, pure Mies van der Rohe minimalism.

Out back, a little nod to Italian Fascist architecture. Everything is a grand gesture. Double height windows and curtains revealing a twisting staircase.

One more view of the lovely louvers.

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