Monday, 30 September 2019

Tunneling Into History At Củ Chi In Vietnam

For remembering the Vietnam War, it doesn't get more iconic than the Ho Chi Minh Trail and the related jungle tunnels. A couple of hours outside of Saigon is a section of the infamous tunnel, a place that can be visited. Tour buses welcome.

One generation's war is another generation's Instagram opportunity. 

Gather 'round folks, time to review a map, complete with arcade flashing lights for helicopter fire. Direct hit!

War as demo. Despite the onslaught of tourists, the place is authentic and tangible.

Platter of bombs.

Heading (butting?) in. Tunnel kitchen.

Conference room.

Mannequins are around, better to illustrate who was at the tunnels. Or ready to be in your selfie. Summing up the experience: a gun and mud.

A North Vietnamese propaganda film from the 1960s plays in a theater, a reminder of the Vietnamese' resolve and dream to gain independence.

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