Friday, 8 December 2017

Building And/Or Falling Apart In Langkawi

Depending on zoning laws, construction laws or refuse laws, it can be tough to tell whether a building is going up or coming down. One person's development is another person's decay.

Construction or abandonment? Hard to tell.

Definitely a ruin. The menu lasted longer than the building. Beached dreams.

A rabbit hole back to nature.

Abandoned lot and construction site. Or the reverse. A kink in the optical illusion.

A construction site disguised as an archeological dig.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

The Legends At Lagenda Park, Kuah, Langkawi

Lagenda park in Kuah has the usual flora and meandering paths. Beyond the standard park features, the place has a collection of fantastical sculptures that tilt a bit toward Disney World in style. They're there to illustrate a set of Langkawi legends, including tales of giants, ogres, princesses and mythical birds.

The big ring.

Cooking cauldron and smashed cauldron (Sarah thinks the broken cauldron looks like the work of Richard Serra. James concurs).

Plastic water buffalo.

More animals, a smashed boat and major alligator. And a nice human.

Dueling chickens.

Monday, 4 December 2017

The Real And Unreal At Lagenda Park In Kuah, Langkawi

There's a nice park in Kuah, Langkawi, some groomed landscaping, a meandering beach by the waterside. A good place to go for a little respite from Kuah.


One curious feature of the park, a casual mix of the natural and the fake. The white tree, do not fertilize. It lights up at night. Cacti on a stick.

Getting groovy, a giant plastic flower.

What the...?

Just outside the park, a giant eagle, a perfect welcome presence for arriving ferries. Sarah got too close!

Friday, 1 December 2017

Langkawi SkyCab

The impressive SkyCab ride might be the top attraction in Langkawi. It ain't no little drift around an amusement park, the SkyCab does indeed head right for the sky.

Heading up.

Passing other cars like ships passing in the bay. Ten minutes into the climb, the view starts to get impressive.

Up top, the view into infinity.

Not for the queasy, the view down is a lesson in lost perspective and scale. Those trees aren't twigs. Whew, glad there's only one rogue monkey.

With the beat-down Asian heat, it can feel like the cab has taken you into the sky, too close to the sun. 

The green screen photo op, intruding at several stops along the way.

The humbling path.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

A Portrait Of Galeria Perdana

One of the more interesting things to see at Galeria Perdana is how artists depict Dr. Mahathir Mohammad. From straight portraiture to a, er, more interpretive depiction, one gets a nice impression of the Malaysian leader.

In the lobby, a good standard reference portrait.

The younger years. Some portraits are more casual, perhaps based on snapshots (and heavy cropping by the bloggers).

Now we're getting somewhere interesting, a great portrait, looking good powering a boat.

To separate yourself from the pack, go with a unique material. A portrait in velvet needlepoint and a portrait in silk.

Take the leap to something more indigenous. And edible. How about using rice?

Going all uptown, using crushed gems. The power of the portrait.

A last look, Prime Minister as cool, weekend golf buddy.