Friday, 31 July 2015

Up, Up On The Duomo Roof

The coolest thing about Milan's Duomo? The Gothic architecture? The size? Nope. You can climb claustrophobic stairs and amble along the roof, taking in the sun and view of Milan. Stunning.


Gothic fantasia and all of Milan to see.

Find a tile, take some rest.

Up close with the embellishments.

The Duomo, watching over the city.

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Milan's Mighty Duomo

Rome may be the cradle of Catholicism, but if you want to see the biggest cathedral in Italy, head to Milan and gaze at the Duomo. No wonder the Gothic extravaganza took almost 600 years to complete. Rome wasn't built in a day and Milan's Duomo wasn't built in a century.

Dripping Gothic style.

The severe interior.

Details, endless decoration on the exterior and tile work inside.

Vertical elements to make you meek in front of God.

Stained glass and a view of the back of the Duomo.

One more impression.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Firing Up The 2015 Milan Expo

What's a little globalization, food sustainability and rioting among friends? For radical (sane?) Italians, a little demonstration of civil unrest was the plan, coinciding with the opening of the Milan Expo. The theme of the expo is Feeding The Planet. The theme of the protests was Fire and Brimstone.

Damage, the day after.

Expressing distaste, both for the rich and their high heels.

Burned out car and building.

The jaded press, on the scene and bored. Another gut job.

Moving on, time to get to fixing.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Cyprus Cemeteries

Nothing like a walk around a cemetery to get an idea of the history of the local area. Cyprus cemeteries and monuments offered a few lessons.

A typical rural cemetery.

Through the gate, what to see. Partying hard and dying young is a trend. So is choosing a picture that can be etched onto your grave that makes no apologies for the risky behavior.

Plenty of graves and monuments to the fallen soldiers involved in the 1974 partition of the country with Turkey.

Monday, 27 July 2015

Cyprus, In Ruins

In addition to classic Roman, Hellenic and Medieval ruins, you can find recently abandoned structures in Cyprus. Whole villages are left to rot, whether for lack of water, changing agricultural practices or, most distressing, migration of Greeks and Turks after the 1974 separation of the island.

Nice location, a pity to have to leave.

One way to paint around a cabinet. Monastery ruins.

Leaving behind a few dry goods and personal items.

New meaning to long, lost relative. Flowers moving in.

Abandoned room with a view.

Friday, 24 July 2015

Kolossi Castle, Cyprus

Who's ready for some good, old Middle Ages Crusader architecture? Time for a castle run near Limassol, Cyprus.  All kneel before Kolossi!

Looks like a castle.

Inside, thick walls, small windows. Clean floors?

A religious fresco, faces erased. Who is that guy in the middle?

Tall fireplace, short door. Where are the priorities?

Tooth-walled top.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Random Details of Cyprus Towns

Oh, what joyous things to discover?

Flour distribution center.

A shop along the buffer zone in Nicosia. Cobbler's workspace.

Apartment entrance. Fantastic chair!

Junk shop, full. Workshop supplies.

Working office?

Shoe shop, more full. Apartment lobby.

Land of the washing machines.