Friday, 27 January 2017

Witnessing The Women's March On Washington

What an amazing day in Washington, so many people, so clear in their intent to show the country and the world what kind of country the United States is.

The mob scene. Thank you, Donald Trump, for bringing the word pussy into the public vernacular. Pussy hats, pussy signs, pussy roars.

Great examples of humor and a hint of un-biased pleading.

Liberty singing out.

Portrait with protest sign in extreme 3D. Tomorrow's collectible graphic.

One of the more impressive efforts, knitting way beyond the pussy hats. Just go whole uterus!

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Donald Trump's Inauguration, The Protest

And then this happened.

For some people, Trump as President is a disaster and the inauguration was a good platform to express their frustration. Signs can make your opinions crystal clear.

You tip over some trash, break some windows, burn a car or two, you're gonna see this guy and a lot of his friends.

Arch enemy archetypes. This boot-headed gentleman was warning everyone about the effects of tear gas, channeling the bad acid speech from Woodstock. On the right, in every definition of the word, Robo-riot-man.

Does anything happen if it's not live-streamed? At least getting the facts out there.

A park was taken over by the resistance and creative outlets popped up. The graffiti boys doing their magic. It says "Deport Trump" and the Exxon sign is a little shout-out to Sarah's potential new boss-to-be.

Oh god, it finally happened, they trashed the Starbucks.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

The "Massed" Media At The Inauguration

Ho hum, another four years, another transfer of power, another inauguration. Just tell me where to point my camera and make sure my sight lines are clear. It's a pressing need.

The circus.

Looks at poking and primping, always tweaking the delivery of the information. "Is that your half-eaten salad on my makeup box?"

Media doll, waiting for a cue.

Down in the trenches, waiting. Beats being on the stake bed truck in front of the Presidential limo, in the camera cattle call.

The finished product, cleanly packaged.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Portraits At Trump's Inauguration

What better opportunity is there to see America's incredible diversity than a Presidential inauguration? Who showed up for Trump?

Channeling Diane Arbus.

People were there as statements, both Left and Right, standing up for women and looming as Putin.

Now we're talking. This gentleman knows a special occasion when he attends it, complete with a custom-made outfit. He was going to a ball later.

One man's triumph is another group's depression. The LGBT crowd was represented and not happy.

Monday, 23 January 2017

Witnessing Inauguration Day

Fact: James went to Donald J. Trump's inauguration. What did he see? Good question. Let's roll the photos and find out.

Security fence along the Mall, near the Washington Monument. You'd have to go through a checkpoint to get inside. No ticket required. Contrary to Sean Spicer's claim, we don't think this image shows hundreds of thousands of people outside the Mall lawn, still waiting to get in.

How do you block off a city? With plenty of big trucks and lots of metal fencing. To keep the invisible throngs under control.

Lonely bleachers along the parade route.

Lunch break, PETA volunteers and someone who really wanted to find a bench.

A couple, doing their best imitation of "The Out of Towners."

It turns out people are interested in Trump's taxes. Abe on a cell phone.

Channeling Francis Bacon on a Trump flag. That's a fact.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Smoke Break

After 1,448 posts, it's time to take a little break. From our invasion of India to our leaving Lithuania, it's been an amazing adventure and more excitement is in store this summer as we migrate to Malaysia.

For now, the blog must rest. We're in the United States at the moment, doing a little training, seeing family, buying groceries at Harris Teeter. Blog potential, not so much.

Our death has been greatly exaggerated. Hello Talalay will be back, date unknown, most likely when we are abroad and the exotic travel begins again.

In the meantime, who knows, a random item may appear. Blog life is unpredictable. 

Monday, 16 January 2017

Worker And War Grotto In Kiev

Right near Kiev's major WWII museum is a park with an unusual open air tunnel walkway that's lined with huge wall sculptures devoted to the major communist themes of triumph in work and revolution. It's an impressive jaunt.

Heading in.

Rearing up for the battle of a lifetime. Early equal rights. Not sure it's what the women had in mind.

Fighting for the old, infirm and extravagantly out-stretched.

Protecting the children. From the macho, shirtless steel workers?

"Let's go!"

Friday, 13 January 2017

The Chernobyl Museum In Kiev

To some of us growing up in the US at the time, the Chernobyl nuclear disaster seemed a bit like an abstract event that happened a world away. Visiting a museum in Kiev devoted to the event brought everything back to grim reality. Chernobyl is less than a two-hour drive north of Kiev. The disaster forever changed the immediate area and still has repercussions in Ukraine and beyond.

The museum. The story of the accident is told and much space is devoted to the terrible aftermath for the clean up workers and the families living in the town.

Nuclear plant cutaway and some of the emergency response vehicles.

Emergency workers, floating in a nightmare.

Vintage documents.

Personal effects. The whole town of Pripyat, the city created to service the Chernobyl plant, had to be evacuated after the accident. About 50,000 people were bused from the city, never to return.

More effects from soldiers and workers involved with the clean up. Thirty-one people died at the time of the accident. It's estimated that 25,000 people will eventually die from radiation exposure from Chernobyl.

The saddest victims, kids from Pripyat.