Friday, 29 November 2013

Do Not Park In Bar Harbor Maine!

Bar Harbor is a cute little town nestled in a corner of Mount Desert Island. There are streets lined with twee shops, fresh seafood to eat and lovely views of the rugged sea. You just better be careful where you park.

A typical scene: nice B&B, don't park there.

You have deliveries? Do Not Park.

Are you getting the message yet? Need clarification? No problem, we can spell it out for you (and block it off).

My driveway is not your parking space. Nor is my door.

It's the patriotic thing to do. Do Not Park!

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Having A Seat In Maine

Maine has plenty of places to sit and admire the scenery, but few people taking advantage of the fine views. Too bad. Your options:

Double adirondack chairs in Bar Harbor.

A mama-daughter picnic table set in Brooksville.

A chair for one overlooking Jordan Pond. Room for three on a lawn in Surry.

Backyard slider in Hancock.

A place to neck on Newbury Neck Road.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Trophies Of The Lawn In Maine

Maybe it's the long, cold winter that motivates the fine folks of Maine to over-compensate with lawn animals/toys. All that grey time makes you want to cheer the property up a bit. Figurines Gone Wild.

Here's a typical set up: all your familiar friends hanging out amongst the plants and mulch. It's sooo nice when the deer and the turtles get along.

Wait, the lawn isn't good enough? Someone really bought these bears and climbed up a tree to mount them? Maybe it's an "above the snowline" thing? Maine dedication on display.

Cocky raccoon?

Solo squirrel and more lawn ornaments getting prepped for placement.

Mini horses, not found in nature. Whatever builds your fantasy....

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Time For A Lobster Roll At Bagaduce Lunch

If  you go to Maine and don't have a lobster roll (or 10, or more), then you haven't really gone to Maine. And if you're in the Blue Hill area and don't swing by Bagaduce Lunch for said lobster roll, you're missing one of the top stops around.

The restrained exterior, typical of the best lobster shacks, all about the food.

Getting ready to order (full disclosure, this picture is from Jordan's Snack Bar, another fine lobster roll place, near Ellsworth). You're never too old for a lobster roll!

Where to sit? Usually outside, preferably with a nice view. Done!

The goods, a fish sandwich and a mighty lobster roll. Fries to make it all go down easy.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Portraits In Maine

You couldn't ask for a better background for portraits than the great outdoors of Maine. Friends and family came to visit us, so naturally we had to take their portraits. Good subjects and everyone looks better in Maine.

Late afternoon clearing.

The fishermen.

Family in rouge.

Out for a walk.

Friday, 15 November 2013

Maine Still Lifes

You expecting lighthouses, blueberry fields and barnacled sailboats? A lobster on a plate? Unfortunately, James doesn't take those types of photos. But he did find a few things worth capturing while wandering around Maine.

A bucket with a hint of color in a monochrome world.

Sometimes you can't park in your own driveway. But maybe that's not a problem, if your vehicle can't be driven.

A birdhouse with a guaranteed visitor, a wooden bird.

Construction behind a fence opening and a warehouse window.

A lobster pound before opening up for the season.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Getting Your Nature On In Maine

We're in Lithuania now, but last summer at about this time we were back in the USA. It was home leave time, a State Department requirement to get back to the home country and re-acquaint yourselves with Slurpees and Duck Dynasty. Glad to oblige.

First stop, Sarah's family home in lovely Maine. Why?

Um, the view?

How about the flora and the fauna? Ferns and cows doing the twist.

Did we mention the view? This look is from the deck.

No, this is not the house. But it also has a nice view.

There is a trail named for thee. And lupines - lucky for us to be there at just the right time of year (June, if you're planning ahead).

You can find a secret spot in the forest.

Or do a little hiking on the shore.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Silly Sights At Don Mueang Airport, Bangkok

What to do while waiting for a plane? Take a look around at everything and maybe some things will reward you with a little laugh.

Before you fly off, make sure to get sent off.

Thailand is a Buddhist country, where the typical greeting is clasped hands and a nice "Namaste." It looks like Ronald is hip. Shameless commercialism 101.

They had a silly blue screen set-up where you "miraculously" appeared in famous sights from around the world: Times Square, The Great Wall. James acting like a game show prize revealer "at" the British Houses of Parliament.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Un-animated Animals

Bangkok has a nice zoo, but who needs to pay a bunch of Baht to see a flock of frolicking fauna when there are a few places to see the fake thing?

We ran across areas where animals were present, just not breathing.

There was a lonely, little yard at the back of a hospital, maybe used by kids to get a little fresh air. Not much going on except for the weeds growing.

As a teaser, the zoo had a few concrete creatures at its entrance. A hippo about to give it up and a couple of deer, evidently sinking into something like quicksand with each renovation bringing in another layer of rock.

Two more looks at the hospital playground, a regular Jurassic park.