Monday, 4 November 2013

Bangkok Suits Us

When people found out we were going to Bangkok, after sharing long lists of places to eat, one thing they insisted we do is have suits made. Coming from India, where tailors are on every block and everyone is always getting clothes made, we weren't sure we were up for the custom experience. But the quality difference convinced us.

Tailors are also everywhere in Bangkok, so desperate for your business that the shops have designated barkers out front to entice you in. The advice to us: Rajiv.

First, scan the fabric choices. And then time to measure up.
Nice choice!

Check out the wall of famous photos. The place serves many ex-pat government types. Good enough for Obama, good enough for James. The suit, coming together.

Mmmm, Thai silk, time for Sarah to get her suit on.

The measure, the results. Stunning (and the suit's not bad, either).
Why stop at one suit? James, getting greedy. No regrets!


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