Friday, 1 November 2013

Chowing At Cabbages & Condoms In Bangkok

Bangkok has an exotic, party reputation. Or raunchy drug, sex-trade, GIs on leave reputation. A restaurant popped up to take advantage of this rep, to turn it around and put it to good use. Time to eat and think about sex (doesn't that happen anyway?).

Presenting the calm entry.

The fun begins with the condom sculptures scattered about the restaurant. We love the ensemble on the right: Santa, woman in a traditional dress, and the kid in some sort of sports uniform, complete with a sponsor-laden jersey. Putting condoms to good use!

James, getting friendly.

The place even had a special dish for us! Blue dumplings, a must-order.

The nice departure sign. The restaurant isn't just about food and fun. Proceeds go to various sex education and AIDS-related organizations.

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