Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Random Slices Of Life In Bangkok

Take a walk, have a look around and hope to see something unique. Interesting? Silly? Banal? It doesn't really matter, anything will do.

Thais love to post giant photos of important people on their buildings.

There's an interesting medical museum at one of the local hospitals. It was closed, but the sign was impressive. Nice hamhock. What's in the back of a local pickup truck? How about a giant bin of eggs and huge fruit.

Fire department headquarters sculpture interacting with utility wires strung along the street.

Past and present telephone booths. From metal to rock pile?

Lunch at the office. Another municipal office, this time for building and planning. So what do they do for an heroic sculpture? Man on bulldozer, of course.

Another building, another jumbo grand exterior portrait.

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