Monday, 21 October 2013

What To See Randomly In Bangkok

Plenty of palaces and Wats to check out while in Bangkok, not to mention shopping, eating and sweating. What else might one run into?

The impressive Vimanmek Mansion, built in 1900, billed as "The world's largest golden teakwood mansion." Who are we to argue?

You can read more about the mansion and some of the following attractions here.

The big house is part of a park with multiple buildings. Nearby is the Dusit Palace, now an exhibition place. A good place for a picture.

Also in the park is a small exhibition pavilion dedicated to Thailand's traditional beast of burden, the elephant. Yep, the preserved skin of a rare white elephant. Tall tusks and other pachyderm pieces.

One more beauty, the intricate Dusit Throne Hall, 1904.

Victory is ours! Monument, that is, located a mile or so east of the preceding collection of buildings and attractions.

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