Friday, 18 October 2013

Phya Thai Palace

Around the turn of the 20th century, King Rama V wanted a new palace. Eventually a set of eclectic buildings were finished, but King Rama's stay and the grounds' use as a palace were brief.

The place had a variety of different uses, was turned into a hotel, and eventually swallowed up by a hospital. The two main buildings are architecturally interesting, if a bit out of place in Asia. A bit Art Deco, Romanesque and Gothic.  Overall, impressive.

The two remaining buildings, seen from the main avenue. The bland surrounding structures belong to the hospital.

Details. The Thewarat Sapharom Hall, a great reception pavilion. Interesting bird house.

The main palace.

Elegant interior.

Grand staircase and classic shutters on the windows to keep punishing sunlight and monsoon rains away.

Semi-abandoned office.

Clay dogs with Yakult probiotic drink offering. No joke, Thai (and other Asian) people frequently leave consumables as an offer at prayer locations. Probiotics are perfect!

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