Monday, 7 October 2013

Prasart Museum

Thailand is full of eccentric collectors. Prasart Vongsakul is no exception. Disappointed Thailand was losing its national treasures to other countries, Prasart created The Prasart Museum to show off his enduring collection of prehistoric to modern Thai buildings and art. The buildings are a mix of styles and include a baroque building and a small version of the Red Palace in the Bangkok National Museum. The setting is a gorgeous, lush, tropical garden.

Some people really know what to do with a backyard.

Nice details between bamboo and sculptures.

A variety of architectural styles dot the area.

See? A little colonial sneaks in. Hello stone man.

Thailand is a wet country, so don't forget a water feature.

Inner and outer views for fulfillment of the soul.

Sarah taking a whack at a traditional porch bell. Well done!

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