Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Details Of Bangkok's Grand Palace

The temples, pagodas and buildings of the Grand Palace complex are impressive, but the details of the place are what really delight. There's so much tile work and encrustations, it feels like a glitter bomb went off.

They're not using regular asphalt shingles from Home Depot. Or Lowe's.

The tile work makes Gaudi look like a weekend hobbyist. And then the gold gets added.

And then figurines, lest any opportunity for ornamentation gets overlooked.

Right, how about whole tiles? Near or far, the overall effect is like living in a Faberge egg. You're not in Amish country.
The plain shade on the right looks out of place. Shocking!

Even the trashcan signs get the gilded treatment. Where to deposit your golden ice cubes. A warning for stick figures.

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