Monday, 30 September 2013

Silly Street Scenes In Bangkok

Nothing like getting out, walking around and seeing what surprises there are to see. Bring it, Bangkok.

Need a sticker? This guy, evidently, has you "covered."

Loving American trademarks, aren't we?

Something for everyone.  Hindu God Ganesh? Fantasy white tiger picture? Dog wearing glasses? Shark? Marilyn? Pick something!

Time to get something to eat, the stalls always filled with interesting food and a casual delivery setup.

Buddhist for the backyard? These guys aren't the real thing, but verrry good imitations. Crossing the creepy line a bit?

How about an egg? See the egg man. You want pink? They've got pink.

Now time for a drink. Beautiful, the bar van just pulled up and is open for business.

1 comment:

  1. Paul Frank beer van! I want one of those!

    Are those Buddhist statues wax? Wayyyyyyy creepy.

    I also love the sticker-mobile. How does that guy see to drive?