Monday, 9 September 2013

Significant Singapore Signs

Everyone knows you don't want to step out of line in Singapore. It's not some Gulag-state, but it ain't Woodstock either. Leave your chewing gum at customs. Luckily, there are plenty of signs around to remind and guide you in your behavior. Ignorance of the local laws will not be a valid defense.

Some signs accidentally fit in with their surroundings. Here's a crosswalk sign suddenly taking a stroll in a park. It's clear who gets priority seating on public transportation. That's quite a broken leg!

Fun time is over. Time to bring in the red Do Not slashes. Do not engage with any wheel-related activity! On second thought, do not engage in any activity you could possibly think of! Leave your gum and kite at customs.

Finally, signs to instruct instead of prohibit. Dismount and Push? Is that really allowed? Poo makes it onto a sign? Is it related to Dismount and Push?

We especially love the directional dashed arrow, showing you the order of how dog sh*t gets from the dog to the trashcan. We did not know that.

Assault weapons are always a good idea to get your point across on a sign. Bugs and trespassers, your days are numbered!

Simple crosswalk, complicated instructions. Really? Oh, make sure you do right by the Green Man.

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