Monday, 23 September 2013

Wat Arun, Bangkok

Bangkok is filled with Wats (Buddhist temples) and the most impressive is Wat Arun. It's right along the main Chao Phryaya river and acts as a landmark for the city.

The temple has existed since the 1600s, but the impressive spires were added later, in the 1800s.

From the river, the more than 200 foot tall central prang dominates.

The details are great, whether from a distance or close up. Broken porcelain tile encrusts everything.

Another detail.

Busy enough for you? There are little moments of respite from the endless, busy tile work.

Oops. We did not shake his hand! One more look at the grand prang.

It's all not just old architectural wonder at the temple, you can also play a traditional Thai dancer.

Or just pose like one.

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