Friday, 27 September 2013

Kamthieng House Museum, Bangkok

Tucked awkwardly among the modern urban sprawl of Bangkok sits the grounds of the Kamthieng House Museum. It's part of the headquarters of the Siam Society, a group established to promote the traditional culture of Thailand.

The house, built in 1848, is actually from up north, Chang Mai province. The Society moved the house to Bangkok in order to give greater exposure to that style of architecture and way of life.

The house, transplanted among the modern malls and skyscrapers of Bangkok. It used to be along a river, hence the stilt design.

Inside one of the wings, a traditional kitchen. Traditional textiles.

A modest bed. The things mounted beyond the bed are various examples of traditional cushions. Throw them on the floor and instant back support. Unfold and instant bed.

More traditional textiles, beautiful.

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