Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Cruising Chao Phraya In Bangkok

The lifeblood of Bangkok is the mighty Chao Phraya river, a meandering beast not unlike the Mississippi rolling past New Orleans. Boat traffic is constant and the city is centered along its banks.

There goes another one - a longboat sprinting the water.

Larger boats make up the ferry service on the river. Waiting at a stop, napping between them.

Temple, Buddhist monk, boat and river. Iconic enough?

A friendly helper at a stop. Go ahead, test him.

What you didn't listen? You were warned. Never mind the mixed-up senses. The mean-ass 70's muscle car-looking engine that powers the long boats. Putting the crank in crankshaft.

Ahh, the sun setting on another humid day, time for a riverside drink at the old Oriental hotel. Bliss!

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