Friday, 19 December 2014

The Fountains Of Rome

You can't stroll through Rome without running into a few famous fountains. Plenty of places to pitch a Euro.

How about starting at the mighty Piazza Navona? In the center, you'll find the Fontana die Quattro Fiumi, an impressive work by Rome's favorite go-to guy for sculpture, Bernini.

A figure from the fountain, symbolizing one of the four great rivers of the world.

Speaking of Bernini, how about his nice, little addition to this fountain? Fontana dell Tartarughe, a 16th century work restored by Bernini, so named because of the turtles he added.

Mighty Trevi, overflowing with tourists. Exit through the gift tables.

You don't need to go tourist when seeing fountains in Rome. Head into a random back courtyard of an apartment building and get lucky. And you might see a live turtle!

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Capitoline Museum, Rome

When in one of civilization's oldest cities, you must stop by its oldest museum, perhaps the first museum in the world. No Jackson Pollocks to be found. Instead, a trove of ancient sculpture, including the sublime Dying Gaul. For James, it was the joy of seeing so many art history courses' slides come to life (at least in 3D).

Sarah, hanging with the big boy, Constantine.

Ancient and modern, enjoying the front plaza. The She-Wolf with Romulus and Remus, which has become the city symbol of Rome. Hey, Seoul took notice.

Overwhelmed tourists.

A couple of close ups of our man Constantine. As if close ups are needed.

James, enjoying more giant pieces of stone anatomy.