Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Dancing And Celebrating At Timket

Once the big Timket ceremony is over, it's time for some spontaneous celebration. For women, spectators at the big event, now you can do a little participating.

Time to dance!

It's a joyous time, with plenty of family and spectators watching and joining in. Beautiful textiles.

The future generation is concentrating.

But some kids have had enough, even if they've made the effort to wear their Timket best.

Maybe you still have a little energy. It doesn't mean you're going to see anything.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Timket Crowd

The star of Timket is the main ceremony, but another show during Epiphany is also worth checking out: the crowd. People come, and in large numbers. They also treat the celebration as a chance to dress up and be seen.

People everywhere, impressively scattered up the hill.

Can't get up the hill for a good view? If you're a tourist who arrived by bus, head to the roof. Locals, find a mound.

A beautiful sea of watchers wearing white.

The women are out in their traditional best, sporting fancy umbrellas and paper hats.

Time for an "I was at Timket!" photo-op.