Monday, 21 October 2019

Murals Of Khon Kaen

In this Instagram world, there's no way you can be a decent tourist destination unless you have a handful of interesting backgrounds. Forget mountains, lakes and natural beauty, just slap up some fun murals. Paint it and the Instagrammers will come.

A whole lot of everything going on.

A building dedicated to tourist murals, something in each "window." Interactive is always a plus.

A side of a hotel, nice way to incorporate the landscape.

Next Marvel movie? Mona Lisa, always adaptable. She's holding a traditional Thai musical instrument, the khene, a mouth organ (a multi bamboo barreled flute).

The mural death match is on!

Friday, 18 October 2019

Details At Wat Klang In Khon Kaen

Wandering around Wat Klang, looking for some fine details.

Golden pagoda and thin stupa.

Inside the stupa, a riot of plush red design.

Back outside, monks prepping the grounds for a ceremony.

One of the prayer halls and a golden icon. Shiny.

Another prayer area, in a large hall. Mysterious.