Monday, 20 April 2015

Invasion Of The Bicycles, Amsterdam

Like Copenhagen and other European cities, Amsterdam is overrun with bicycles. Not a bad thing. It's the way to get around.

Bicycle-lined canal.

Quiet alley, bikes hiding. Funky arts underground district shut down, dead bikes left to rot.

Be careful how you park, there could be a pileup.

Look, a giant parking garage. Cars? Nope.

Bikes! Many, many, many bikes.

Friday, 17 April 2015

Hello Amsterdam

Iconic looks at the iconic city.

The center of it all, Dam square.

Two more icons, a canal and bicycle. Other side of Dam square.

Canal touring.

It's not all old Dutch Masters. Art Deco building. With the town built around canals, the place is sinking. Leaning building.

The houseboat life. Nice.

Two more looks at the city.
A canal house, still with warehouse shutters and overhead pulleys for hoisting goods.