Thursday, 5 December 2019

Candi Plaosan In Yogyakarta

So many temples in Yogyakarta. Hindu, Buddhist, big, small, totally reconstructed, totally a pile of rubble. Candi Plaosan straddles all those descriptions.

The complex, Buddhist in religion.

A closer look at one of the two main temples, looking a little English Gothic. Carving detail.

The cleaning crew, taking a break.

Tool of the trade, a re-purposed cracker tin, remade into a dustbin. Sure sign of a Buddhist temple, the bell roof.

Another temple complex view. Candi Plaosan consists of 174 buildings. Plenty of rubble piles still left to be reassembled.

Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Candi Sewu In Yogyakarta

Next to nearby Borobudur, Candi Sewu is the largest Buddhist temple complex in Indonesia. It also predates its immediate Hindu temple neighbor, Prambanan. Candi Sewu is a comer. It's also one of the few temples in SE Asia that's currently being actively renovated. Gotta line up those rocks for future generations.

The center, main temple, reaching about 90 feet high.

Smaller temple, topped with the Buddhist classic bell. The reconstruction, a work in progress.

Yes, reconstruction. They're busy at Candi Sewu, with several areas under heavy rebuilding.

Another bell, reassembled on the ground first before finding its final place on top of a small temple. Someone in need of a head.

Plenty more work to be done. These rocks aren't finished walls, they're an endless row of separate temples, waiting for reassembly.