Friday, 27 January 2017

Witnessing The Women's March On Washington

What an amazing day in Washington, so many people, so clear in their intent to show the country and the world what kind of country the United States is.

The mob scene. Thank you, Donald Trump, for bringing the word pussy into the public vernacular. Pussy hats, pussy signs, pussy roars.

Great examples of humor and a hint of un-biased pleading.

Liberty singing out.

Portrait with protest sign in extreme 3D. Tomorrow's collectible graphic.

One of the more impressive efforts, knitting way beyond the pussy hats. Just go whole uterus!

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Donald Trump's Inauguration, The Protest

And then this happened.

For some people, Trump as President is a disaster and the inauguration was a good platform to express their frustration. Signs can make your opinions crystal clear.

You tip over some trash, break some windows, burn a car or two, you're gonna see this guy and a lot of his friends.

Arch enemy archetypes. This boot-headed gentleman was warning everyone about the effects of tear gas, channeling the bad acid speech from Woodstock. On the right, in every definition of the word, Robo-riot-man.

Does anything happen if it's not live-streamed? At least getting the facts out there.

A park was taken over by the resistance and creative outlets popped up. The graffiti boys doing their magic. It says "Deport Trump" and the Exxon sign is a little shout-out to Sarah's potential new boss-to-be.

Oh god, it finally happened, they trashed the Starbucks.