Thursday, 18 July 2019

Hat Yai In Hot Colors

It must be something about the tropics that urges people to paint their buildings in bright colors. You see it in Miami, the Caribbean, all over Asia. Hat Yai is no exception, let the bright colors flow.


Old Town.

Apartment buildings, Rococo, Desolate, Brutal. Paint it up!

Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Hopping Around Hat Yai, Thailand

Hat Yai is a city in Southeast Thailand, not really on the tourist map. More of a transpo dump before heading to a more exotic locale, beach, island, nirvana. Sounds like a perfect place to explore.

Not much of a skyline, mostly mid-rise concrete boxes.

Some sort of memorial. To a car hood, doubtful. You want some rice? See the rice man.

Fruit in the street, the ladies prepping.

Dreams on a building front. Back at the vegetable market, those dreams taking hold.

Old wood structures are still around, a hint to the disappearing city.

Empty spaces, in and out. An apartment lobby with a little Chinese altar and a park stage.

Intersection in blue.