Friday, 29 May 2015

Bratislava City Details

Once past the squares, monuments and museums of a city, what else is there to see? Endless little things. Bratislava has its own identity and contains its own details.

Road reconstruction.

Waiting for a passing tram. Tourism office window, showing the big attractions of the area. Roasted duck, plates and men with big sticks.

Old church and newer bus depot.

Communist building with inspiring friezes flanking the entrance. Primary colors construction.

Post no bills? Post all bills!

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Seeing The Sights In Bratislava

That's the capital of Slovakia, for those globe trotters counting countries and cities at home. It's a quick cruise down the Danube from Vienna, why not check the city out for a day? We did.

The iconic skyline structure? How about a bridge nicknamed the UFO because of its tower topping circular restaurant? Hey, it's the longest bridge in the world that features one pylon and one set of cables for support. Got that?

The Old Town section, like many similar spaces in Europe, full of cobblestones, squares and small alleys.

The Blue Church, a 1911 big ol' Art Nouveau cupcake.

Across from the Blue Church, a related school, including in architectural style. Back in the Old Town, a central tower.
Bratislava castle. This imposing hilltop fortress has been around in one form or another since BC. Left to ruin after a fire in 1811, the castle finally underwent a restoration that was completed in 2010.

Looking back toward Old Town, Onion Domes peeking over graffiti. The Slovak National Theater. It was all dressed up for some movie featuring Woodrow Wilson making an appearance.

The most famous image of Bratislava, a whimsical sculpture, Man At Work, from 1997. Seriously. You can buy a reproduction on magnets, scarves, everything.