Monday, 17 June 2019

An Abridged View At Albany's Torndirrup National Park

Just south of the small town of Albany in Australia is a beautiful park that features a couple of amazing bridges. You get both flavors, natural and manmade, both bridges with a water view. One parking lot leads to both of them, bliss!

Hey, beautiful view, who doesn't want a better look?

Sarah does and she's heading out on a nifty bridge that overhangs a gap in the coast. A look down reveals a watery ravine with a pounding sea.
Tip of the bridge. Feeling small.

The bridge is only a couple of years old, a nifty piece of design that looks light and fragile. The view out to sea.

Near the gap, a bridge that's been there a bit more than a couple of years.

Friday, 14 June 2019

The National Anzac Center In Albany, Australia

Anzac is Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, named for the regiments of men called to service during WWI. They gathered in the port of Albany in Australia and set off for war in convoys, eager to represent God and country, fight to victory and come home heroes. The hubris.

The museum was opened in 2014 and is strategically placed to offer a panoramic view of the harbor that was once filled with military ships ready to depart. 

Film footage of the boys and men marching to war.

Inside the museum. They've stressed personal stories of the people involved rather than a dry history of the war.
The gas mask war.

Medical details.

King George Sound, departure point for battle.

If you want to find out more information about the Anzac experience, head to the Center's website here.