Tuesday, 14 September 2021

Driving To The Fergana Valley

Sarah recently took a work trip to the Fergana Valley, an area of Uzbekistan southeast of Tashkent by about three hours. The valley is the economic engine of the country both for agriculture, mostly cotton, and industry, including cranking out Chevrolets.

The drive to Fergana takes you past city sprawl, fields, through the mountains and then into the valley and its many cities. Lots to see on the way. 

The view from a restaurant in the mountain pass.

Spewing power plant. In a men's room, a place to wash one's feet before prayer.

Mountaintop advertising. No billboards - giant Hollywood Sign-like letters are the norm.

New apartment buildings, sharing a downspout. Stuff for sale at a rest stop - and plenty of it.

At a shopping stall complex, an empty space made into a prayer room.

Power poles, brown fields, haze and mountains. A company's surreal property line wall.

Mosque, under construction.

Wednesday, 8 September 2021

Taking A Closer Look At Tashkent

What's up, Tashkent? What little details are there for the taking?

The landmark Hotel Uzbekistan with a little police kiosk in the foreground. Quiet.

Strict city landscaping along the big avenues. Trees painted white to deter pests. A bag of potatoes left behind.
A little neighborhood gardening in front of an apartment house. The photo mural for inspiration, disquise, dreaming?
A large tree, trapped and hacked. Fountain, at rest. 
The uniform store.