Friday, 3 April 2020

Kaohsiung Confucius Temple

If you're looking for a big Chinese temple that echos the grand, classic style found back in China, head to the Confucius Temple next to Lotus Lake in Kaohsiung. The main building is big, red and in a symmetrical courtyard.

The original Confucius temple dates to 1684 and the current structure is a renovation from 1976.


Brightly painted eave detail and a look at a red column covered colonnade that surrounds the main temple.

Ancestral memorial tablets.

A little consumer guide/game about Confucius. Holy opportunity.

The main temple is part of a larger complex of more temples and various gates.

Thursday, 2 April 2020

Fun Sculpture On Cijin Island

Cijin Island has a nice, meandering beachside series of parks, punctuated with a handful of fun sculptures. They are Instagram aware.

First up, a reflecting pool with a rainbow cube and a pink metal church.

See the cross in the back? A Crayola box come to life.

Next, giant mosaic hearing aids against the water.

More fun with small tiles, stranded fish. Big, gold shell.

Getting an abstract view of the shell from its backside.