Monday, 17 June 2019

An Abridged View At Albany's Torndirrup National Park

Just south of the small town of Albany in Australia is a beautiful park that features a couple of amazing bridges. You get both flavors, natural and manmade, both bridges with a water view. One parking lot leads to both of them, bliss!

Hey, beautiful view, who doesn't want a better look?

Sarah does and she's heading out on a nifty bridge that overhangs a gap in the coast. A look down reveals a watery ravine with a pounding sea.
Tip of the bridge. Feeling small.

The bridge is only a couple of years old, a nifty piece of design that looks light and fragile. The view out to sea.

Near the gap, a bridge that's been there a bit more than a couple of years.

Friday, 14 June 2019

The National Anzac Center In Albany, Australia

Anzac is Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, named for the regiments of men called to service during WWI. They gathered in the port of Albany in Australia and set off for war in convoys, eager to represent God and country, fight to victory and come home heroes. The hubris.

The museum was opened in 2014 and is strategically placed to offer a panoramic view of the harbor that was once filled with military ships ready to depart. 

Film footage of the boys and men marching to war.

Inside the museum. They've stressed personal stories of the people involved rather than a dry history of the war.
The gas mask war.

Medical details.

King George Sound, departure point for battle.

If you want to find out more information about the Anzac experience, head to the Center's website here.

Thursday, 13 June 2019

Shire Of Yilgarn History Museum

No matter how small your town, there's alway the opportunity to preserve your local culture. Or clean out your garage and attic. Or both. Like many museums in rural Australia, the Yilgarn edition is a mini version of a Smithsonian-type of collection of the past.

Definitely a throwback feel to the place, exhibits crammed in old rooms, full of expansive info.

Iconic events of most small towns are featured, agricultural and military themes.

Highlighting industry is also popular. For Yilgarn, mining.

What else is interesting? Local wood and cell phones.

Funny fashion is always popular, how about a look at those crazy 1920s?

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Roaming Rural Australia, Part Two

Continuing the drift around Southwest Australia, more to take in.

The Outback.

Not a sign to heed lightly. Road trains are trucks hauling multiple trailers, an impressive sight as they rumble past. Town hall in little Meckering.

Nice art installation in a roundabout in Norseman, corrugated camels.

A section of the famous Rabbit Proof Fence. Watch out for kangaroos hopping over emus.

Gleaming rapeseed plants, seen for miles and miles.

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

We Herd About Cowaramup In Australia

Up with small town ingenuity!

Someone in the tiny hamlet of Cowaramup in Australia got the obvious idea that the place needed cows - and lots of them. A motivated populace, some plastic molds and paint and suddenly the herd appeared.

Walk the main drag and see the cows.

Lots of them, all over the place. Hanging out on lawns, hiding at restaurants.

Questionable juxtaposition.

Great attention to detail, a cow tag, doubling as a donation thank-you sign. Clever. Fake cow dominating real dog.

Cow crossing.

Monday, 10 June 2019

Stonehenge In Australia

You thought there was only one Stonehenge? Puhleeze. If you want to survive in this tough retail environment, you gotta franchise.

OK, maybe not the complete story. Or the story at all. How about some biz-man got the idea to build a full scale replica as a tourist attraction. He got as far as the cut stones and then ran out of money. Enter a neighboring farmer who bought the pile of stones and created Stonehenge on his own property. Maybe good for the cows.

Welcome to Stonehenge in Esperance, Australia.

It's better than a replica of the UK ruin. This Stonehenge is all together!

Main entrance.

Sarah and James were there during a hailstorm, adding to the medieval effect.

Summer solstice point.

Friday, 7 June 2019

Mini Silos In Merredin

Merredin College wanted in on the silo action so it commissioned its own mini versions, finished in mosaic tile. The set marks an entrance to the college and the theme seems to be iconic images that represent the area's history.

The silos.

History unfolds, from the original aborigines to water storage and development.

The railroad arrives.

People and animals, soldiers and kangaroos.

Sure signs the civilized world has arrived, time to walk your dog.

Thursday, 6 June 2019

Super Pit!

There's no way Sarah and James are going to pass by something called a Super Pit and not go take a look. You had them at both Super and Pit.

Dig it.

The Super Pit is an open pit goldmine in Kalgoorlie, Australia. It started in 1989, a consolidation of many underground mines. Size-wise, you're looking at something like 3.5 kilometers long, 600 meters deep. See-it-from-space big.

Big pit, big man toys. Tires, dump truck and a front loader shovel.

Taking a gander.

Remnants of history, old wood and pipes from underground mine shafts. Bringing up rock for processing.

Looking a bit like Mars, with tires.

No way to win a game of chicken with the big haulers roaming the pit. Supervisor Sarah.

It's a long way to the bottom if you want to roll the rock (apologies to Aussie's own AC/DC).