Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Fall At Lake Gosho

Fall color was everywhere in Japan, not just the absurdly beautiful backdrops at Kakunodate and Nikko. The trees wait for no one.

Train set look from our Ryokan.

Burning hills and front yards.

Fishing the lake.

More color.

Night falling, the mist rolling in.

Monday, 18 March 2019

Visiting A Ryokan Near Morioka, Japan

A Ryokan is a traditional Japanese inn, featuring sparse rooms with tatami mats, a hot bath communal onsen and elaborate heritage meals. It’s all about relaxation, from the baths to the natural setting to the quiet atmosphere.

Many Ryokans are now a mash-up of the old traditions inside a modern, high-rise hotel. The Ryokan signatures are there, only now in a big, modern building.

These images were taken at a Ryokan on Gosho Lake, near Morioka.

The tour bus drivers.

Landscaping and decoration.

The lobby, tilting toward "The Shining" movie.

Game area and courtyard fountain.


Breakfast tray. Hall alcove.

Elevator advertising slide show.

Friday, 15 March 2019

Seeing Sapporo City

Sapporo has some nice city details, a few things owing to its location in northern Japan. Whether it's climate or local food, Sapporo has adapted to its environment.

Crab is king, no doubt. A giant, animatronic beast mounted above the entrance of a restaurant.

A cartoony sign for something that looks quite un-cartoony. In Japan, everything is given the animated treatment. Getting meta with a vending machine. A picture on a vending machine of a vending machine using a vending machine. When will it end?

Cute colors and adorable lettering make anything cuddly in Japan.

Back to cartoon signage. Evidently Sapporo has quite a winter with lots of snow. Time to call in the adorable kids to show you how to dump salt.

Perfectly wrapped building, so normal in neat Japan.

Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Drinking Up The Sapporo Museum

There's no way you can go to Sapporo and not visit the Sapporo beer headquarters. A tour, a museum and beer, seem mandatory. Let's pour.

Old brick building, smokestack, beer barrels, a tractor, the scene is well set.

On the beer tour. Gotta get your ingredients right.

And then your cool bottle.

It's really the sexy marketing that moves the suds. The museum had plenty of ad examples. The more recent ones were interesting, full of Japanese machismo. Someone was studying American Bud ads.

Ending on a good note, the sample room. 乾杯! Kanpai! Cheers!

Monday, 11 March 2019

Over-Exposed In Sapporo

There's something about gray days and Japanese environments. First Tokyo, now Sapporo. The clean lines, the spare feeling. Dial the exposure around, soak up the white and get some lovely results.

Friday, 8 March 2019

Something Fishy At Nijo Market In Sapporo

Every city in Japan has a long running fish market area and Sapporo is no exception. Its market is tiny compared to the behemoth in Tokyo, as expected. For charm, high marks.

The seafood walk.

Crab is king and it's in abundance, the bigger, the better. Haggling by cell phone.

You can also eat there, plenty of nice options in resin on display.

Other items, packaged in boxes with adorable graphics. Stopping for an ice cream, more resin on display. Who doesn't know what ice cream looks like?

Time for a measurement. Sarah's head as standard reference.

Wednesday, 6 March 2019

The Sapporo Train Set

Sapporo is a real Japanese city. Or is it a just a train set model for some giant species? It's hard to tell, the place is so well laid out and neat.

Looking East, down Odori Street.

The South plaza of the train station.

The city landmark, the TV tower.

Everything in its place.

The lovely urban park that runs down the middle of Soseigawa Dori.