Monday, 28 October 2013

Taking Off At Terminal 21 In Bangkok

You thought that temple to shopping called a mall in your city was amazing? Wrong. You gotta go to Asia to see the next wave of shop-o-tainment. Youth culture, new disposable income, wanting anything from the West and year 'round muggy weather are the perfect ingredients for the latest extravaganzas.

Take Terminal 21 in Bangkok. You need a theme and this mall chose travel. Shop around the world, all nine floors of it. Where should we go? Everywhere!

How about San Francisco? Can't miss the Golden Gate.

And can't miss getting your picture taken at the iconic bridge. You know you're at a mall in Bangkok, right? Who cares! Get lost, find me at the three-story lighthouse.

Oh cute, a Brit phone box. Oh cuter, my phone that goes anywhere.

Back to the US, the movie theater has an appropriate mascot. Let's hop across the pond again to head Underground.

Or get on the double decker bus. Another photo op!

Time to head farther East, to Tokyo. Silly sumo wrestlers, they're going to knock the mall down. The hula skirts were a summer promo.

All this traveling makes one pooped. Rest stop, Roman ruins.

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