Friday, 4 October 2013

Marking Time At The Chatuchak Weekend Market

Otherwise known as: Where Bangkok goes to shop. Despite dozens of fancy new malls with international boutiques, the turbo-charged flea market called Chatuchak is packed during its weekend operation. Sprawling doesn't begin to be an accurate description. Rows upon rows of stalls, pedestrian avenues between sections leading to claustrophobic labyrinths of shopping. Can you find what you want? The only unanswered question.

The market, a section that's a rare slice of semi-open space to take a breather.

The flea is high in the flea market quotient. Hate speech as cheap consumable.

A little western banjo entertainment in the middle of Far East shopping.

What else is for sale? How about rare squirrels to take home as a pet? Um, why, for all parties? Can't handle an alive animal? Go rubber for the Shrilling-blank. Cow, chicken and, woman? At least they were nice enough to omit the "For ages 6 and up" on the Shilling Woman version.

Time to refuel at the food fry booth.

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