Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Seeing The Non-Skyline Of Bangkok.

What does Bangkok look like when you're not looking at Wats, Palaces and shopping malls? Let's check out a few random details.

Old Bangkok, a rare sight. An alley near the old East Asiatic Company building.

Yes, the traffic is a mess. And so are buildings, if not kept up.

Wait, encouraging your building to sprout? The new generation, going green.

Down a small street with redevelopment looming in the surrounding empty lots. The gas store, well stocked.

Highways and walkways form sporadic spider webs throughout the city.

What's Bangkok without massage parlors? Take your pick, big and nasty or small and innocent.

The famed Patpong "entertainment" district, catering to foreigners and made famous in movies like The Deer Hunter.

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