Thursday, 26 January 2017

Donald Trump's Inauguration, The Protest

And then this happened.

For some people, Trump as President is a disaster and the inauguration was a good platform to express their frustration. Signs can make your opinions crystal clear.

You tip over some trash, break some windows, burn a car or two, you're gonna see this guy and a lot of his friends.

Arch enemy archetypes. This boot-headed gentleman was warning everyone about the effects of tear gas, channeling the bad acid speech from Woodstock. On the right, in every definition of the word, Robo-riot-man.

Does anything happen if it's not live-streamed? At least getting the facts out there.

A park was taken over by the resistance and creative outlets popped up. The graffiti boys doing their magic. It says "Deport Trump" and the Exxon sign is a little shout-out to Sarah's potential new boss-to-be.

Oh god, it finally happened, they trashed the Starbucks.

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