Monday, 23 January 2017

Witnessing Inauguration Day

Fact: James went to Donald J. Trump's inauguration. What did he see? Good question. Let's roll the photos and find out.

Security fence along the Mall, near the Washington Monument. You'd have to go through a checkpoint to get inside. No ticket required. Contrary to Sean Spicer's claim, we don't think this image shows hundreds of thousands of people outside the Mall lawn, still waiting to get in.

How do you block off a city? With plenty of big trucks and lots of metal fencing. To keep the invisible throngs under control.

Lonely bleachers along the parade route.

Lunch break, PETA volunteers and someone who really wanted to find a bench.

A couple, doing their best imitation of "The Out of Towners."

It turns out people are interested in Trump's taxes. Abe on a cell phone.

Channeling Francis Bacon on a Trump flag. That's a fact.

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