Thursday, 23 June 2011

Hello World!

HTemp: 37c
Rain:  1.5"
`-$:  44.89   

Welcome to Hello Talalay, a place to track the worldly wanderings of James and Sarah Talalay.  Sarah is now in the Foreign Service as a Consular officer stationed in Chennai, India.  That's the US State Department and formerly the city of Madras.  It's her first posting; James is along for the ride as the EFM (any guess on what those initials mean?  There will be heap o' acronyms along the way...).  We're here for two years.

Part travel guide, part diary, part vanity project?  How-to?  Who knows?  We don't.  Yet. We'll take inspiration from a line in the movie, "A Serious Man" --  "Embrace the mystery".

Before Chennai, there was a quick stop in NYC, where Sarah had a few meetings, while James got to roam the city.  So how about a stop at the UN for a little prep for our future?

It was a bit of a sleep walk of stats and propaganda but North by Northwest was much in mind and seeing a fine example of the International School of Architecture was a delight, albeit a slightly sad one as the UN has never been renovated and is now showing some deep scars.  But a couple of nice details:

Escalator with scalloped stainless steel sides

Bench moderne, linoleum floor, ripped seat.  Will turquoise make it through the renovation?

So long USA, onto Chennai (by way of Brussels and New Delhi but who's counting the stops?)


  1. EFM.... Extra Feminine Man? (Not to question your masculinity, James.) So don't leave us hanging! What is the synonym.
    So glad you guys are doing a blog! Will be exciting to live through your vicariously. Love and hugs to you both.

  2. And the answer is: Eligible Family Member. Kind of a union card that allows for small perks like quick evacuations...

  3. Just found your blog and aught up on a few posts. It's a great read! Glad you are doing well in your new home.

  4. I meant "caught," sorry about the typo.