Thursday, 9 January 2014

Lovely Laughlin, Nevada

James does a lot of work for Ford and one of the company's favorite places to go test its trucks is also one of the most unforgiving areas of the United States. Welcome to Laughlin, Nevada.

Laughlin is down at the southern tip of Nevada, tucked in between the state line and the Colorado River. It's another created gambling mecca, but, shall we say, with the budget roller in mind. For James and the rest of the crew working with Ford, it's the closest place to grab a bed. And then grab your suitcase and get out of there.

Beautiful greenery and a nice skyline.

Fooled ya! It's all haze and desert just beyond the casino sprawl.

The Colorado River makes an appearance, but lacks any "wow" factor.

Best to head for the pool or tennis court, if you can stand the punishing 100+ degree summer weather. The lights come on at night, adding a layer to the obscurity.

With the temps so high and the window tint so thick, the light becomes other-worldly.

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