Monday, 30 June 2014

Into The Wilds Of Ethiopia

Rhinos roaming the cities. Elephants everywhere. Ethiopia has all the safari highlights, right? Not quite. There's a fair number of exotic birds and larger animals about, but the country isn't known for a plethora or unique species. But the illusion can be found.

Leopards exist, though hard to, um, spot. Unless you're in a National Park office. And ready to make some deals!

Who is this gremlin? Turns out there are plenty of these gremlins roaming about, concentrated in the Simien Mountain National Park. Looks like a baboon, classified as a monkey. Likes to travel in packs that top 1,000.

Tired donkey, trying to hide in the shade along a wall.

Addis museum lion. Airport wooden rhino.

Another leopard sighting, as an introduction at a museum in Axum.

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