Monday, 26 January 2015

Winter In Lithuania

So many places we've been, so little space on the blog. Not true! Due to an ever-increasing inventory of fabulous blog items, Hello Talalay is going to a Monday-Friday, five-posts-a-week rotation. Enjoy (dread?) the increased onslaught.

We were teased with a few cold snaps and snow dustings, until winter showed up around the first of the year. Finally, Vilnius as a snow-covered winter wonderland. OK, maybe drop wonderland.

Vilnius, wearing her winter coat.

Blowing snow, settling snow.

The main Old Town square, looking wintery.

Nearly empty places.

The ice skating rink is open.

The Skoda Yeti, named for this season. Soon enough, mush to jump through.

Getting a little sledding in.

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