Monday, 22 February 2016

The Souk In Doha, Qatar

Doha has a fantastic souk. While it has been restored, it hasn't drifted into becoming a tourist attraction. There's plenty for a visitor to do from grabbing a meal to doing a little shopping. For locals, the souk still is a dependable destination for groceries, toys, textiles, even pets. Something for everyone.

The souk is both outside and covered. The pet shop area.

Balloon seller. A look inside the souk, busy, busy, busy.

Restaurant worker sneaking a phone break in an alley.

There's a little exhibition that features a summary of Qatar history.  For the kids, it's all about toys, even if it means toy AK47s.

Shopping the world over, being led by the wife.

For the big shoppers, porters are available.  They follow you around with a decorated wheelbarrow, collecting your purchases. In between customers, a porter grabbing a nap on an unused restaurant bench.

Portrait of a portrait stall.

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