Friday, 6 July 2018

Miniature Temples At Siem Reap

There's nothing like gawking at one person's personal backyard obsession. Think Watts Towers and Coral Castle. Siem Reap can proudly boast a similar work, created by Dy Proeung. He's taken it upon himself to re-create in his backyard many of the area's famous temples. Not enough room for life-sized, time to get small.

Angkor Wat, no drone needed for a bird's-eye view.

Folk art-like detail. Another amazing creation, Banteay Srei. That's a lot of patina.

Portrait of Dy Proeung.

So how does he do it? This ain't no Lego set. He's got piles of detailed plans, put out by a French survey in 1969. He's still working, partially-finished projects spread around the yard.

While James and Sarah were visiting, the rains came. Almost as impressive as the mini temples. 

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