Thursday, 20 June 2019

Tickled By Tingle Trees At Valley Of The Giants Treetop Walk In Walpole, Australia

Time to see some big boys (girls?). In Southwest Australia, you can head to a park full of giant tingle trees and take a canopy walkway 40 meters above the ground. Think sequoia trees scale with a modern metal walkway in the sky.

Down on the ground a little (big) preview of the tingle tree scale. This one is called grandma, for all the wrinkles. Sexist!

Heading up and up.

Sarah, liking the view.

The bridge walkway is an engineering delight, a lightweight, aluminum design with a clever underside-trellis framework. Sarah, tree driving. Seems there used to be a tingle tree large enough for a road. Now, the tree is gone, the road re-created as photo-op.

The view from the top, impressive.

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