Monday, 16 December 2013

Craft Fair With A Lithuanian Treat

The annual Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show is considered a heavy among U.S. craft fairs. At 37 years old, it's one of the oldest craft fairs in the country. The show features the usual bevy of interesting artists, but, in 2001, it began setting aside an area to showcase the work of a single foreign country.

This year it was Lithuania's turn - what luck! The 23 visiting artists from the Baltic nation provided a perfect little field trip for Sarah to practice Lithuanian. Could it be because there's a Lithuanian community in Philadelphia? Or that Lithuania currently holds the Presidency of the European Union?

No matter, it was a great opportunity for Sarah and James to get acquainted with the interesting culture they will soon join.

Bring on the crafts!

Sarah, impressing the vendors with her Lithuanian prowess.

Paper cutting, do not try this craft at home.

More variety, from pottery to jewelry.

Whew, all that crafting makes one drowsy. Time to caffeine up.

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