Friday, 6 December 2013

The Mighty Baking Steel

Let's talk pizza. If you want to make a decent pie at home, you need to bring some serious dry heat to the dough. Forget a cookie sheet or those silly screen looking things. You need to throw a massive heat-soaking element in the oven and stand back.

James has gone cheap and easy over the years, snagging a pile of unglazed tiles at Home Depot or from the streets of India. The price has been right and the disposability has been convenient. But with all the constant moving in the Foreign Service, it was time for a permanent solution.

Bring in the steel.

The unassuming package arrives.

22 lbs - they're not messing around. Do Not Handle In Bare Feet! Presenting, the big boy.

Why steel? Why not! It's basically a giant heat sink in the oven, soaking up the hot temp and giving it back once dough hits surface. You can read all about it here. Plus, the founders ran a successful Kickstarter campaign last year to fund their baking steel dream. (Speaking of which, did you know James helped make a video for a friend's exceedingly successful Kickstarter campaign? Check it out here.)

Pizza going in. Can't wait!

Mmmm, ready for cutting. Who's now in the mood for pizza?


Do we need to beg you to buy one? If you like making pizza or any type of crusty bread, the baking steel is a steal! Heat and go forth...

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