Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Buying Duty Free In The Baltics

What's a cruise without a Duty Free shop? And if you're running a Duty Free shop, make sure you know what your clientele wants. For a cruise from Riga to Stockholm, it's an eye-opening mix of items. The Duty Free shop tells all.

Let's start with T-Shirts. Ones that play up Riga's Old Town or that Stockholm is home to the Nobel Prize? Nope. Bring on historical Russian pride!

It's all about the classic cars and firepower triumphs.

What's a good mixer for love of automobiles and weapons? Beer! Lots and lots of beer.

They're so kind at the Duty Free shop. They have "beer trollies" at the ready, to make it easy for you to pick up not just a six pack, but rather a four, eight "case" and easily wheel it off the ship. Genius! (If for marketing, not health reasons).

The Duty Free shop is even more thoughtful! You can buy your beer trolley already pre-stacked. Oh, big brother.

We're going to need a little food to help slow down the beer. Great, the Duty Free shop obliges. Are you thinking bear or moose meat in a can?

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