Monday, 29 September 2014

Enjoying The Mushroom Festival In Varena, Lithuania

Lithuania is famous for mushrooms and now is the height of the season. To commemorate the bounty, the town of Varena holds an annual celebration. The surrounding area is rich with the fungus and it's a good excuse to hold a town fair. Bring on the mushrooms!

Ready for some grybai?

Somehow, this traditional-looking presentation used the Motown tune, "Dancing In The Streets" as its theme music. The weaving techniques may also have been traditional, but the punk hairstyle is modern. Weave it and rock it.

At one booth, you could learn from where mushrooms come.

Traditional food, traditional clothes, traditional kids. A fall figure, a few stacked bails of hay, other flora and a head wrap. Nice apple necklace!
What to do with mushrooms? Traditionally, served with herring.

Churning butter and making rugs. A little harlequin dancing.

Untraditional mushroom usage? Lose the mushrooms, recreate them in dough, deep fry and sprinkle with powdered sugar. A funnel cake in disguise.

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  1. This post totally made my son's day. He has a thing for fun guys... *crickets* ...I kill myself.