Wednesday, 26 November 2014

The Building Tunnels Of Vilnius

The Old Town section of Vilnius is filled with block-long buildings, some Baroque in style, others quite plain, appearing to be the 15th century version of warehouses. One thing most buildings have in common is a way to get around the back of the place. Forget alleys or free-standing structures with room for circumventing. You want access to the back, you must have an archway or tunnel that goes through the middle of your building.

Looking through a typical tunnel. Here's a rare shot of a tunnel leading to an orderly parking area, whereas most apartment buildings feature over-crowded, motley car parks.

Sometimes your vehicle isn't going to fit through an arch. Sometimes it's clear the arch is for humans only.

Or maybe it's been multi-purposed.

All roads lead to trash. From a flat angle, the scene beyond the arch becomes an abstract painting.

Old lockers with red doors.

It's hard enough getting through an arch, adding an angle ups the ante. New construction keeps the old arch.

The hill of no horizon.

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